About Us


Orgeonics is one of the leading urban farming companies in India. We specialize in Organic vegetable/food cultivation on the building rooftops, kitchen gardens, balconies, farmhouses etc.

And we also specialize in vertical ornamental green walls and landscaping solutions. We have developed our indigenous herbal pesticides, liquid organic plant nutrientsand soilless growing medium which is rich and balanced in nutrition and we have been able to give optimal food production without soil. We provide solution to the burgeoning problem of pesticides and chemicals in food stuff, due to which cancers, allergies and various diseases are rising.

Now you can harvest fresh cancer free organic food from your roof farm and save your health and of your loved ones.

Our Mission

To provide high quality organic farming products and services and toenable every household to grow organic food for his own consumption by using urban empty spaces like rooftops and fallow land so that we help in reducing carbon footprints and thus earning carbon credits and make this mother earth greener.

What our Prime Minister says….

“The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi recalled the recent CoP-21 meeting in Paris, where the idea of “back to basics” had been raised forcefully. He said Sikkim has already achieved that feat of living in harmony with nature by going 100 percent organic, and is therefore a model of development which also protects nature.”